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Yes, there is a Wap Spot and he deserves the name! 

Wap Spot is the result of over 20 years of line breeding...

Chestnut and white Stallion.        Foaled 01/12/98

16.3 hands           1400+lbs 

Sire:  Waps Applause        Dam: Wap's Confetti 

MHSA Reserve Champion Weanling with very limited showing

Pictures taken at the Horse World Expo, Feb. 2007, Harrisburg, Pa.


Wap Spot 2007

Wap Spot 2007   Wap Spot 2007

Wap Spot 2007   Wap Spot 2007

Wap Spot 2007

Wap Spot spent a little over 3 months in Houston, Texas, in training with JP Giacomini.  These photos were taken after just 10 weeks!

(Unfortunately, I took the photos, and most of them were so dark you could hardly see Spotty!


Wap Spot ridden by JP Giacomini

Wap Spot ridden by JP Giacomini
February, 2002

These photos were also taken in Houston, in February, 2002.  here he is being ridden by "his God Mother", Margaret Matthews, former MFH of the Tanheath Hunt, Mass. 


Wap Spot February, 2002

Wap Spot February, 2002   Wap Spot February, 2002

Wap Spot February, 2002   Wap Spot February, 2002

Wap Spot February, 2002   Wap Spot February, 2002



Midas 3 yrs old   Midas 3 yrs old

Waps Spot of Gold, (Arnold), 2000 gelding, photos at 3 years old. 

Owner: Patti Pierce, South Carolina


Waps Spot Lass   Waps Spot Lass

Waps Spot Lass, 1999 filly, photo on left at 6 months old

Owner: Liz Teahen, Michigan


3 years old 3 1/2 years old
3 years old, Equine Affaire
Columbus, Ohio, April, 2001
3 1/2 years old, Equine Affaire,
W. Springfield, mass. November, 2001


Wap Spot 12 months

Yearling 12 months


    Wap Spot, better known as "Spotty", is a breath taking mover.  In all the years of breeding Appaloosas sport horses, I have never seen such extravagant movement.  He naturally carries himself in a frame, impulsion coming from his powerful hind quarters, through to his elastic shoulders.  Over a course of  5 cavalletti, I have increased the distance to 8' between each rail (with a rider) and with his tremendous reach he doesn't miss a beat.  

    Spotty's attitude in hand and while being ridden in the company of other horses is exceptional.  At home, he is stalled between Reflection (a stallion) and Masquerade (a filly).  We take him to the Equine Affaires and World Expos, so people can have the opportunity to meet him in person.  While in the Appaloosa Horse Club booth at the Equine Affaire, Mass. in November 2001, he discovered that by turning and twisting, he could get people to scratch all the correct places.  Some of the comments we've heard: "He's huge!", "Oh my God!", "He's Gorgeous!", "What a sweetheart!", "Look at that bone!", "He can't be an Appaloosa, he must be a Warmblood!", "He's only 3!".  

    Spotty was injured in early February of 1999 and required surgery.  He was totally confined to his stall until November 1999.  Although he has now fully recovered, scars kept us from continuing his show career on the line.  He is already over 16.3 hands and is still growing so we have taken it slow with his under saddle training.  The potential he shows for dressage is unbelievable.  

Reprinted from the Horseman's Yankee Pedlar, January, 2001 issue. 
Appy Trails, by Geraldine Herman
I've been drooling over Jerry and Virginia Hood's Appaloosa Sport Horses for years now; studying their stallions in magazines and checking out their sale horses.  I've never seen any of them until this past Equine Affaire in Springfield, Ma.  The Hood's two year old stallion Wap Spot (Waps Applause X Wap's Confetti) was in Appaloosa breed booth stall.  He was everything the ads promised and then some - actually he was better than I thought he'd be.  Pictures just don't do him justice.  Anyhow, if you missed him you can check him out (and his dad and granddad) at http://www.jgappaloosas.com or info@jgappaloosas.com.  It's a good thing the Hoods are way down in Pennsylvania or I might be taking Cante for a visit in the spring (I don't need another horse, I don't need another horse, I don't...)
Note from Virginia - Geraldine, we ship semen!!!


Wap Spot 4 months Old   Wap Spot 4 Months Old

Wap Spot Handsome at 4 1/2 months


Yearling    Yearling

1 year old, Horse World Expo


15 months old    15 months old

15 months old, Equine Affaire
Columbus, Ohio, April 1999


2 years old

2 years old, Horse World Expo. January 2000


2 1/2 years old    2 1/2 years old

2 1/2 years old at home


2 1/2 years old

2 1/2 years old Equine Affair
W. Springfield, Mass. November 2000


3 years old    3 years old

3 years old at home


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